In Tasmania, we love shacks.  Within them we find solace.  We retreated to them from work, from the kitchen, from the commute, from emails, Facebook and an ever chirping phone.  In shacks cold drinks come from the esky and cups of tea from a pot belly stove.  There’s no telly, no internet and no play station so the kids play outside. Inside there are books with no faces, sticky playing cards and board games with almost all the pieces.  There are old couches and chairs that need a tighten and some glue. Fishing rods hang from ceilings, surfboards lean in corners and dartboards are stuck on walls next to faded photos of summers gone. When the sun falls and dips below the horizon at the shack we notice. When the sky ignites with fading rays we sit on the deck and watch. We do not take our shoes off at the door.

Our Garden Shacks are hand crafted from beautiful, sustainability sourced Tasmanian Hardwood.  The walls with their interlocking dovetail corners quickly assemble to nestle securely together.  The roof framing comes prefabricated for quick and easy installation.

We build our Garden Shacks in a range of styles and in a comfortable typical size.  Alternatively, we can customise them to suit. They can be flat-packed and delivered with instructions for easy re-assembly, or if you live in the Hobart region, quickly assembled for you by our construction team.

Dovetail Timbers garden shack

Find some refuge close to home and put a little love in your garden with a Dovetail Garden Shack.