A Tradie, an Engineer and a Designer.

Dovetail Timbers is a Hobart based business passionate about sustainability, design and craftsmanship.

The concept was conceived in 2008 after Bodie, our resident engineer, came to the realisation that he was more suited to fresh air and Blunnies than an office and a tie.

Danny soon came on board with his tools and Tradie enthusiasm for craftsmanship. He has always been an advocate for recognising the beauty in simplicity.

So what do we do?

Well, we make stuff from Tassie timber. We believe Tasmania has an amazing natural resource right on our doorstep…trees! They’re good for us if we’re good to them! We save timber that has been felled but isn’t suitable for mainstream forest industries. Where possible, we salvage it, mill it, dress it and craft it into  cool stuff for your garden. We use the centuries old dovetailing method of construction because it’s strong, simple and because we think it looks really good!

Our timber dovetailing technique lends itself to a wide variety of applications.  We make a range of products including   timber garden sheds, (garden shacks), cubby houses,  timber sandpits, chicken coops and raised timber garden beds.

With all of our products, we aim to minimize the impact we have on our environment.  Our locally sourced timber coupled with a low intensity processing system enables us to produce products with very low embodied energy.  The timbers we use represent a significant carbon sink while preserved in our products and their removal from regenerated forests allows regrowth with great capacity to absorb carbon dioxide an opportunity to flourish.

As a result, our products truly are green, sustainable and environmentally friendly.